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Wellness Programs

Vocal Alchemy

January 6th - 7th, 2024 | 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (Workshop)

January 7th, 2024 | 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Evening Performance)

It is time to take the energy of Vocal Alchemy to an in person experience! 

There has been so much activation in our online portal and the benefits of journeying online are that you have the opportunity to open your throat chakra and work through blockages in your own safe and sacred space… 

However I am feeling the call to share with you how this energy can unfold in an in-person group container. How we can co-create light language dialects and alchemise one another’s energy through the voice. 

This is a portal of activation to not only free your most authentic vocal expression but learn how to channel light language with and for a group of others that are on the same path. This is an opportunity to activate your unique vocal gifts in a safe space and learn how to synergise in a group of like minded community. 

My name is Margo Free and I am a vocal light code activational sound healer. I channel light language and teach my students how to break through the barriers of their conditional narratives that have kept their most authentic heart felt expression contained. I teach how to let go and surrender to spirit as the energy of the divine moves through and connects you to the present moment, to sing and communicate from a place of freedom. 

Within this 2 day portal we will cover: 

Day 1: 2-5PM January 6th 

  • how to ground and connect to the earths electromagnetic grid 
  • how to open our heart field to connect with our inner childs authentic vocal expression 
  • how to let go of the mind and drop completely into the present moment allowing free self expression to emerge from source 
  • how to protect your energy field and set intentions with sound 
  • the fundamentals of light language 
  • group collective vocal activation 

Day 2: 2-5PM January 7th 

  • how to connect to your higher soul self and channel light codes from this space of awareness and connection 
  • how to drop into heart brain coherence with a group and vocally express for the benefit of others 
  • how to sing with crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments 
  • how to communicate solely with light language 
  • how to facilitate 1:1 and create a healing container with your voice 
  • and more as it unfolds… 

Evening of Day 2: 7-9PM January 7th (Freedom Codes – Sound Bath and Energy Healing)

  • Open to the public and included for those attending the workshop will be a sound healing journey to bring in the activations of the New Year, there will be a group singing exercise to collectively activate our intentions for 2024!

The cost of this workshop and Sunday evening performance is $333.

The cost of solely attending the evening performance is $55. 

If you have done Vocal Alchemy online, the cost of this workshop is $222.

If price is a barrier and you completely align with this work, please reach out to me via email at margofreemusic@gmail.com.

About Your Instructor

Margo Free

Margo Free is a sound & energy healing facilitator specializing in light language vocal transmissions. She performs for health and wellness events globally and teaches vocal channeling online and in person via her group program Vocal Alchemy.
Margo brings melodic medicine into her performances that create a portal of sound from the ethers, allowing for listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.
Her speciality in utilizing Ableton to perform somatic sound journeys and sound baths with sonically activating soundscapes and instrumental loops allows Margo to travel with her offerings to various locations around the world. To work with Margo 1:1 in mentorship or book a private or group session, please email margofreemusic@gmail.com.