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Wellness Programs

Source Resonance - 3 Day Intensive

June 9th, 10th & 11th

The 3-Day SOURCE RESONANCE INTENSIVE is an inspiring and empowering experience stepping into the radiant world of sound healing, the sacred power of music, and learning to foster a deep and universal sense of our vibrational reality. This intensive is for all levels of experience with sound and music.

It is a great introduction into sound healing, with learning of basic vocal techniques to free our voices, activate harmonic resonance within, which can be applied as a self-energy-management practice or also used to guide groups.

The intensive is also an energetic upgrade into the vibrational terms of the holy shift humanity is now experiencing during a time of great collective spiritual awakening, evolving our sense of the metaphysical aspects of reality. Sound Healing is truly much more than a realm of healing. It is the opening and exploring of higher dimensions. Sound and music have been used for healing since times of antiquity and were revered in the Mystery Schools of Eurasia. It is time to regenerate this luminous knowing in our awakening age.

Other elements of the intensive include:

  • Learning the captivating knowledge of Sound Healing, converging ancient wisdom with cutting edge science. Sound Healing truly represents the marriage of Spirit & Science.
  • Learning to use the voice as a healing tool, channeling device, portal opener
  • Working with a diverse spectrum of Sound Healing instruments, especially the Crystal Bowls
  • Music as a spiritual craft and tool of unifier of groups and communities
  • Becoming a Sound Channel for Divine Healing
  • Loads of fun sound healing group activities to build coherence in community
  • Sound Healing Ritual Practices for World Healing & Noble Magic, including Dreaming the World Chant, Toning Prayers & Vibrations of Peace Sacred Activism
  • Shaking Medicine Ecstatic Movement to cleanse, release and empower the soul & liberate creative expression
  • Intro to Sound Journey work

The 3-Day Intensive begins on Friday evening with a special experience of one of Darren’s legendary DRUID MEDICINE SOUND JOURNEY so participants can experience his craft and witness how Sound Journeys can be orchestrated. This offering is also open to the public for those who wish to just attend the Sound Journey at a $40 fee. It will run 7-9pm.

The primary bulk of the intensive will then take place on Saturday & Sunday from 10am – 5pm, with a lunch break which includes a catered and delicious vegan meal.

The intensive will conclude with the TEMPLE OF THE WILD ECSTATIC DANCE celebration on Sunday evening from 7:30-10pm with Darren donning his DJ Druid cap and featuring a closing Sound Journey. The ecstatic dance is also available for the public to attend at a $40 fee.

COST FOR THE FULL INTENSIVE (including closing ecstatic dance celebration and lunches): $500.

About Darren Austin Hall


Darren Austin Hall is a visionary leader, sound healer/mystic-musician/song-channel, author, poet and spiritual teacher-philosopher. He is the creator of the Source Resonance Academy devoted to leading sound healing trainings and workshops around the world. His first book, LOVE’S REVOLUTION is an enthralling writing collection offering a captivating and provocative exploration of the burgeoning realm of sacred sexuality and the revisioning of intimate relationships as pathways of conscious partnership and embodied mysticism. He is also an acclaimed recording artist, producing many albums of deep sound journey music and mystical folk.

Website: www.darrenaustinhall.com

Instagram: @darrendruid

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@DarrenAustinHall

Through the support of our local partners and board members JCHAC offers a variety of workshops and events that will help members explore the opportunities social prescribing and healing through art has to offer.



The Druid Medicine Sound Journey and Temple of the Wild Ecstatic dance is included in the Source Resonance package. If you wish to attend only the Sound journey and/or the Ecstatic Dance, you may purchase tickets for those events below.

Source Resonance – 3 Day Intensive



Source Resonance – 3 Day Intensive


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