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Wellness Programs


Saturday, April 6th 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Join us for NOURISH, a Yoga & Meditation Day Retreat on Saturday April 6th  (9:30am-5:00pm) at Joshua Heritage Creek Arts Centre, Oakville. 

A transformational day with self-care practices to embrace nourishment, renewal and abundance in your life! Spring invites you to connect with your feminine intuition and nourish your vessel.  

When you are fully nourished and in the frequency of love, you will be open to receive abundance in all forms with ease and grace. Nourishment truly is the key to tap into your limitless potential 

Your journey at NOURISH will include:

Guided meditations to connect with the energy of the season

Holistic chakra based yoga sessions to awaken the body and invigorate the spirit

Rituals and Ceremonies to release the old and open to the new

Time in nature with all the elements 

Intentional workshops to cultivate inner transformation and abundance

Healing sound bath (by @trishsoundescapes) and reiki to bring balance and renewal to your soul

Chef-curated nutritious vegetarian and Ayurvedic meals

Sisterhood and community filled with meaningful connections 

1 hour 1:1 coaching session with Gaby post retreat to help integrate the experience

A gift bag with premium products to nourish your body

After your experience at NOURISH…

💕Your heart and soul will feel awakened and connected to your inner radiance 

🧘🏽‍♀️  Your body will feel spacious and open to receive more abundance in your life 

🧠 Your nervous system will feel at ease allowing you to lead with a renewed mindset

❤️🔥All of you will feel nourished and ready to step into the woman you are meant to be

To learn more, unlock special rates and register, email: gaby.alanes@gmail.com or send her a DM @gabyalanes

About Your Instructors

Gaby Alanes

Hey, I’m Gaby! I’m a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Feminine Embodiment Coach. Since my childhood, I’ve been deeply connected to energetics and spirituality, thanks to regular Reiki sessions with my mother. Despite initially pursuing a traditional career path in top-tier companies globally, I found myself grappling with stress, anxiety, and depression. This turmoil led me to take a transformative pause, during which I immersed myself in self-work, embracing practices such as Reiki, yoga, meditation, and feminine embodiment.

This journey, marked by a profound collapse followed by an awakening, propelled me into a deep exploration of healing modalities. Today, I hold certifications in Komyo ReikiDo Master, Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pilates, and Feminine Embodiment. My philosophy revolves around the belief in the inner teacher and the immense power of self-connection in unlocking limitless potential. Driven by a passion for empowering others, I am dedicated to sharing the transformative gifts of Reiki, Yoga, and Feminine Embodiment to facilitate healing and personal growth. Through creating nurturing spaces, I aim to guide individuals towards embracing their authenticity and evolving into their true selves.