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Wellness Programs

Darshana Yog

Mondays, starting December 4th until December 18th

5 PM - 6 PM

Drop-ins $20

Darshana Yog is an offering of three holistic wellbeing modalities from Darshana Kapadia, a passionate yoga teacher with over a decade of international experience. Darshana’s unique approach integrates mind, body and breathwork to help students move toward their goals of physical fitness, mental and emotional equilibrium and spiritual growth.

About Your Instructor

Darshana Kapadia

Darshana was born in Pune, India, and the practice of yoga has been a part of her life from early childhood. She studied Economics and worked in Accounting, but during a meditative experience on a serendipitous trek to the sacred Mt. Girnar, Gujrat, India, Darshana felt a calling to deepen her study of yoga and share the ancient tradition with others.

Soon after her return Darshana embarked on an ongoing journey of teacher training from experienced mentors schooled in varied styles such as Iyengar, Patanjali Ashtanga, Hatha, Mantra, Kirtan.

For over a decade, her students (who range from experienced yogis to beginners of all ages and abilities) have experienced transformational benefits from the depth and breadth of her authentic knowledge. Darshana, a lifelong learner, continues to keep updated with the latest research and study the oldest texts in her areas of expertise and interest.


  • Yoga Teacher – Government of India
  • Sound Healer – International Academy of Sound Healing
  • Level-3 Aerial Yoga teacher – AntiGravity® Lab, New York (direct student of Christopher Harrison, Creator)


In-person Darshana Yog classes are offered in group, semi-private or private classes at the Darshana Yog Studio or partner locations in Oakville, ON, Canada. Online classes are offered worldwide, via Zoom. Darshana perseveres to help people create healthier, happier lives. Email darshanayog8@gmail.com to schedule a free 15-minute Discovery Call and find out how Darshana Yog can assist you or your organization



Darshana Yog


Yoga aids body, breath and mind. Aerial yoga uses a hammock as a prop to assist you with the yogic process in a therapeutic way. Sound healing connects you deeper with your inner self. Collectively they are different modalities towards Self Nurturance.

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