The Gallery will be closed January 29th, January 30th & January 31st for an exhibition changeover. We will reopen again February 1st. Thank you for your understanding!

Show by the gifted artist of Joshua Creek featuring a tribute to the graduate.

The Artists of Joshua Creek have been painting together since 1960. The art of twenty-six of them hangs on the walls of this exhibition.

Five of these are known as The Graduates, remembered through their unique works of art. It is a truly special show, connected by friendship.
When asked to include What Art Means to Me in a statement, we all pondered, then wrote from our hearts. It is a good question that we all need to ask.

Art is timeless!
Art is family!
Art is life!
-Sybil Rampen

– Inukshuk by Anne MacMillan

-Women Talking by Jan Vinnai

– Inukshuk by Anne MacMillan
– Women Talking by Jan Vinna