Kintsugi Bowl

The Art of Precious Scars

 Sunday November 14th, 2021  9am – 12pm

 This experiential workshop utilizes a meditative process through a tangible medium to help develop resiliency and healing in the face of loss, trauma, and change. The Kintsugi Bowl is an ancient Japanese healing practice that serves to join back together that which was once broken, while showcasing and honouring the breaks.

Kin means golden, Tsugi means repair, thus Kintsugi represents ‘golden repairing’.

In this workshop we collectively break our bowl only to repair it by bringing the pieces we choose back together.  After repairing the bowl the cracks are illuminated by being painted with a coloured Cern.

This process is steered through intentional self-reflection and insight while serving to harvest the beauty of a wounded spirit. By means of a facilitated expression of our own suffering, healing can transpire while honouring that which has caused our ‘breaks’ in the ever-evolving journey of life.

All materials provided.

Please register with Rami Shami


Cost: $150 + HST

Payment can be made by cash or eTransfer

COVID precautions will be utilized. Masks will be provided. A Health Screening will be required before entry into the workshop. Further details to be provided upon registration. 

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