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Momentum; Keep it Going!

September often marks the start of a new academic year, full of anticipation for learning and possibilities. A common challenge in fresh starts is maintaining the required momentum to stay the course. Soon after the excitement of starting new, comes the lull that if not addressed, could easily turn into stagnation, or worse yet, boredom.

No one likes that feeling of being stuck or disillusioned about where we are in
our new cycles of learning. That is where gathering momentum comes in handy. Just how do you get momentum? Well think back to our high school formulas. Simple math, when it comes to measuring movement or progress, we take into consideration both the speed and magnitude; (P=m*v), basically, how fast we move and the extent or degree of how much effort or energy we put into moving!

Once we start moving it becomes easier to keep moving. It is like when you wake up in the morning, it takes time, and maybe a couple cups of java to get us in our groove. Getting going is great but not enough. It is important to make sure that our progress is steady and constant. A burst of sudden energy burning out in a flash, may help us to get ahead in the short run however it is not sustainable over the long haul. Sure, and steady wins the race! This speaks to maintaining a balance to make sure that speed over the distance is in the “zone” at a sustainable pace. Maintaining constant effort and constant speed puts us in the flow and in touch with the steady force that supports us to conquer our challenges and achieve our desired outcomes.

I notice that sometimes it is easier to find answers to challenges when we actively pursue making headways towards our desired development and learning. Being still and silent is important as it helps us to listen to our inner guidance system that can direct us, but sitting for too long without taking any action can cause stagnation and allows cobwebs to collect. There comes a time to move. In the action of movement, we find momentum. It gives us a greater chance to connect, interact and encounter adventure and excitement.

So, take a step and keep moving, who knows what new adventure or learning is waiting around the corner. Sign up for a workshop at Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre, to learn new skill, or hone in and sharpen your existing creative skills. There are many to choose from – check out our website for this months’ offerings to help you maintain your momentum and kick off your own academic year and commit to learn and grow your talents!


Take a step
go on
it is your life
summoning you forward.

Take a step
it is ok
not to know
if the courage and strength
will stay with you
along the journey.

Take a step
stay on the path
tune in to your life
it will guide your progress
trust your journey.

Take a step in the direction of
the trajectory of your life.

Take a step
stay on the path
that beckons
to take you places
where the unknown
will be known.

Take a step
your life’s path

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