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Longer Days

By Susan Ksiezopolski

Summer is around the corner and with it comes a time of rest, renewal, and reflections. We turn our attention to map out vacations, set aside some downtime, and fun time to maximize the longer sunny days and better weather.  The extra daylight provides the uplifting inspiration and energy to plan gatherings, to sit on patios, and spend more time outdoors exploring nature after a long cocooning winter.

Lazy summer days are great to just kick back, sit and observe nature. Bees buzzing, clouds floating by, flowers in full bloom and gardens growing. All the colours of hazy hot days of summer come alive and entice us to spend more time exploring and retreating into nature.

The more we spend time outdoors, the more it helps to improve our physical and mental well-being. People that spend more time outdoors report feeling less stress and burnout and have fewer sleep problems as well as less general health complaints. Time outdoors, boosts vitamin D levels, and increases our serotonin levels. Outdoor activities also help us to mentally disengage and provide us with opportunity to recharge.

Longer days also allow us to partake in more activities, it is the season of festivals, outdoor gatherings and a chance to catch up with our social circles. Increased time connecting with others has been shown to decrease health risks and also improves our physical and mental wellbeing. Studies report that having and nurturing strong social connections supports strengthening our immune system.

Make sure to plan out some down time to take advantage of the longer days. It is also a perfect time to check out what is happening at Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre.

Come and join us for our summer programs. Check out our website for our arts, conservation, wellness and educational programs: www.joshuacreekarts.com

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