Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre


Tsochoy Go is a student-in-residence with Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre. He is a gifted and prolific artist and a graduate student from the Communication Program at St. Joan of Arc C.S.S. in Mississauga.


Tsochoy has been commissioned to illustrate a story written by Sybil Rampen, titled Please Write. Sybil claims that although the story was written years ago, it seems to have been made for Tsochoy because of it’s other- wordily qualities.


Tsochoy’s experience at Joshua Creek began a few years ago with pencil drawings, which evolved to watercolour paintings, and most recently (since January 2015) he has been learning and exploring the world of Photoshop under the tutelage of Jenny Cairos. Using a stylus and tablet, Tsochoy digitally paints magical scenes and imaginative characters with the mastery of a seasoned professional.

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