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Saturday, June 24th at 10AM - 2PM

Admission Fee: $12 | Children 12 and under come in for free!

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre (JCHAC) and Oakvillegreen Conservation Association (OCA) are teaming up to celebrate Pollinator Week and engage the community in eco-learning and action.

We are hoping to spread awareness about the key role and importance of pollinators for biodiversity, food production and ecosystem services, and to inspire everyone attending to do their own part.

The half-day event will be held at the beautiful grounds of JCHAC and will offer attendees a number of interactive sessions, outdoor nature walks and kids hands-on activities. Topics will include: Pollinators in the City, Rain Gardens and Stormwater Management, How to be Better Tree Stewards, Community Engagement.

Local vendors and organizations will also be joining the event!

When it comes to preserving nature around us, every single little bit counts.

When the community works together, we have the power and knowledge to make a positive difference, and to cultivate compassion for the environment that ultimately leads to conservation.

What to Expect

Programs and Sessions

Attendees will be able to attend information sessions including topics such as Pollinators in the City, Rain gardens and stormwater management, How to be Better Tree Stewards and Community Engagement.

Kids Activities (Ages 6 - 12)

Making Conservation Day accessible to families, Oakvillegreen and JCHAC are including FREE youth workshops from 10am – 2pm with trained educators.

Children will learn about native plant species, exploration of the natural world, and ignite creativity through art and nature.

Conservation Day Youth Workshops welcome all youth, especially those with a passion  for art and exploration of the natural world. 

Vendors, Nature walks & much more!

We will have a wide range of local vendors, exhibitors, nature walks and so much more!

Interactive Session Topics

Why Native Plants

Join Reid Williamson for an inspiring, educational, and thought-provoking walk and talk about plants and their unique role in our green spaces. Reid will highlight the diversity of species native to our area, their ecological, edible and medicinal properties, and some of the threads they are facing.  Learning to recognize the native species is the first step toward advocating for their conservation and for creating connected ecosystems across urban landscapes where pollinators can thrive.

How to be better Tree Stewards

There is a lot we can learn about and from trees and be inspired to take responsibility for our invaluable urban forest!

Kyle will take you on a tree walk through the forested area of Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre showcasing the beauty of some trees. You will learn some practical tips on how to identify trees and prevent common tree health issues. Kyle will demonstrate how we measure the DBH of a tree and what indicators we are looking for when we are trying to assess tree health. Being a tree steward can go a long way – from mulching and pruning to educating and advocating for the trees – we all play a role in maintaining a healthy urban canopy!

Rain Gardens and Stormwater Management

Garrett Tribble with Water Farmers Urban Agriculture will be showcasing the benefits of Raingardens, how to implement them in you own backyard and how Oavkivillegreen and Joshua Creek designed theirs.

Our Guest Speakers

Kyle McLoughlin

Kyle McLoughlin has delivered numerous workshops and lectures on plant pathology and the relationship between trees and fungus. He is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, the City of Burlington’s Supervisor of Forest Planning and Health, and owner and principal arborist of Ironwood Arboricultural Solutions. He has practised arboriculture in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Before becoming an arborist, Kyle was a wilderness guide specialising in edible wilds.

Reid Williamson

Reid Williamson is an earthworker and artist, with a passion for nature connection. She graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2015 with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Sociology. With over eight years of experience as an outdoor educator for local nature centres and outdoor schools, she is dedicated to connecting people to the plants around us. She provides students, community members, and volunteers with engaging workshops, walks and planting events. She is also a co-founder of Sustainable Roots Ecological Restoration Inc. that was born from a desire to see positive change through urban ecological restoration. The company is dedicated to increasing local biodiversity through pollinator garden installation, invasive species management, reforestation, and educational outreach. 


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