The Gallery will be closed January 29th, January 30th & January 31st for an exhibition changeover. We will reopen again February 1st. Thank you for your understanding!


Friends/Members of Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre 2022

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre is pleased to present this special exhibition featuring the artwork of our members also known as our friends. Members help preserve this urban oasis, with its historic buildings and enriching creative programs. This exhibition is our way of saying thank you to our wonderful supporters.

A little message from Sybil…

So many of you are wonderful artists, please share your best offerings with our gallery visitors. I know this will be an interesting and exciting show. The reason I made the gallery was to give emerging artists the opportunity to see their work hung on gallery walls. Its your time to show your creative works!

Forms and Membership Due: June 10th 2022

Photos of Artwork  Due: June 10th 2022

Art Drop Off Dates: June 15th, 16th and 17th from 1pm-4pm or by appointment

Exhibition Dates: June 23rd 2022 – August 28th 2022

Artwork – Sisters – Millie Rogers

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