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Nature Has No Borders

The Artists of Joshua Creek

April 4th - June 2nd

As urban landscapes expand and green spaces diminish, the allure of the natural world remains steadfast in our collective imagination.

In this exhibition, artists delve into their unique connections with nature, illustrating the timeless concept that ‘nature has no borders.’

From Leo Dias’ intricate of sprawling tree branches to Jann Vanai’s rich earthy tones and Sybil Rampen’s vibrant spring bouquets, each artwork celebrates not only the innate beauty of nature but also our shared commitment to land conservation.

Please join us for the opening reception April 14th at 2PM!


Kim Ballance
Gemma Burke
Mary Clark
Daniel Crack
Leo Dias
Roberta Eustace
Chris Full
Barbara Hodkinson
Cam Hourd
Janet Jansson
Louise Laroche
Melissa Lawson
Anne Oakley
Rondi Penfold
Sybil Rampen
Tatjana Reithofer
Millie Rogers
Jan Vinnai
Hermein Venter

Join us for these accompanying events

Plein Air Painting

Satudray May 11th @ 7 AM - 2 PM

Special Guest Speaker: Rebecca Kolarich from Environmental Defence

Saturday June 1st @ 1 PM - 4 PM