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“What art means to me”


Phillip Glass,
Igor Stravinsky,
Agnes Martin
Salvador Dali,
Cy Twombley.
Artists who challenge me to an understanding.

Sometimes I do. Sometimes not so much.

We are but one species who does its best to survive.
And it seems to me
that art lends dignity to us. It teases us to
raise our heads and look
and listen beyond

the barking of junk yard dogs.

All art is worthy.
I love the crocheted toilet paper covers sold at church bazaars.
The ashtray my son made at camp.
But my creations,
Which includes this bit of writing
Gives me such pleasure
That worthiness doesn’t even enter the picture.
Mixing paint takes me to a different space.
Cutting shapes, choosing a colour, gluing something down
Often to peel it off and curse my ineptitude
Makes me so happy.

Maybe Phillip Glass
Igor Stravinsky,
Agnes Martin
Salvador Dali,
Cy Twombley
Might have felt the same.
Free, challenged , misunderstood,
And I hope,
Happy in creating.