The Gallery will be closed January 29th, January 30th & January 31st for an exhibition changeover. We will reopen again February 1st. Thank you for your understanding!

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The Friends of Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre 2023

July 27th - September 24th, 2023

Every summer, we celebrate the unique and imaginative works of our members. This is a moment for us to acknowledge the talent and creativity of our community.

Joshua Creek offers a platform for both emerging and established artists to showcase their art on our walls. We foster an environment where artists can discover and appreciate each other’s creations.

This exhibit is a vibrant and diverse collection. Come visit the gallery and be inspired!


Mary-Ann Alberga

Christi Anne Abraham

Orchid Study

Papaya Study

Mary-Ann Alberga

Following the line #1

Following the line #2

Noor Al Atheri

Women who love to read #1

Women who love to read #2

Barbara Ariss - Stroh-Wasser

Quantum Entanglement, Nobel Price Part 1

There is a crack… Revolution Part 2 

Shrutti Bhatt

Peonies in the sun

Daniel Crack


Morning Mist

Mary Clark

Circles of Light

Tricia Chatfield



William Costigane

Bali Path

Morning in Peggy’s Cove

Tazeen Davar

The Pathway

Abstract in the sky

Reena Devani


Leo Dias

Burning Sky

Judgement Glare

Paul Dias


Ball’s Falls #3

Kelly Dinsmore

Saturday morning, Kerr village

Erica Dinsmore

Reflections at play

Joy Blooms

Sean Dinsmore

Bavarian Castle

Tetiana Fadieieva

Winter Ontario

Bruce Francisco

The woods on a snowy day

Carla Hanin

Stretched out to the heavens like a curtain

Barbara Hodkinson

Sun Circles

Sandra Hutton


Sugar Shack

Jennifer Holland


Digital Oasis

Janet Jansson

Nature’s Layers


Kate Land

Escape to the lake

Corner deli

Christine Long


Kathy Macauley

Monet in the park

Louise McBride


Vibha Malhorta



Delia Moldovan

Untitled 1#

Untitled #2

Terri Moore

Canada Anemone

Gina Morewood

Grand River Fergus ‘en plen aire’

Bradley Mound

Warp Tenure

Frank Myers

Father and son at Niagra

God Bless America

Ann Oakley

Fallen Willow

Burnt River

James Pieters

Live outside the box

Lynda Pogue

A Chorus of Tulips

Finding the Nexus

Tiina Salo-Devries

Traces 2

Mia Sealey

Full Moon

Christine Sherry

Silver Braid

Silver Orchid

Thaniath Siddiqui

Whirling Wind

Pink Meadows

Karen Stephens

Bouquet of Blooms

Three’s Company

Kamil Swiatek

Nocturnal Waterfall

Irish Folklore

Hannah Vachon

Disco Queen

Hong Wan

Two Girls

Two Young Men

Craig A. Williams

Sixteen Mile Creek #1

Sixteen Mile Creek #2

Cristina Williams

The Lightness Of Being 

The Sentinel