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Daddy and Me: The Art of Sybil Rampen and Father, Hugh Salvin Calverley

March 23rd - May 21st, 2023

My father discovered his Artist Within when he was 66. After suffering three strokes, he had the happiest ten years of his life with exhibitions of his ‘chalks’ across the West, at Guelph and McMaster Universities, and in the Oakville Galleries. My mother shared his joy.

Because of Daddy, I invented ways of unlocking doors for all ages and stages that lets your Artist Within OUT!

JCHAC is really his legacy. He not only purchased this property, funded it, raised me, and set me free to study art, but he also made it possible for us to live and raise our sons on this historic land. It was only by accident that he jumped into my art classes and let his Artist Within OUT!

Sybil Rampen



Colour Splash

Stairway to Heaven

Front Hall

Singing Amaryllis

Fire and Water


Easter Table with Sheep

Front Door

Tulips and Lilacs


The Lobster

Land and Sea

A Day’s Catch

The Bull and the Fish Tail Dragon

Creepy Crawly

Into the Wind

The Dream

Pig Skeleton

The Wedding


Pre-Columbian Dolls

Judgement of Paris

The Tax Collector and the Sniffer Dog

Hugh Salvin Calverley

Michealmas Daisies

Blue Vase

Bowl of Spring Charcoal

The Smile

Fat Pub Man

WWI Mules

Pub Man

Fairy Tale Twins

The Window

Dark Blue

Charcoal Tullip

The White Flower

Charcoal Jug


Pink Dream

Green Season

Colours of Summer