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Activate your Resolutions – A New Year About to Begin

by Susan Ksiezopolski

Another year soon behind us offers a chance to pause and generates a sense of urgency for us to get ready for the new! This is the typical time we are busy taking stock, getting things done and putting our attention to the beginning of the new year. Traditionally this is a time to look at where we are, our current state, and look ahead into the future horizon for what possibilities lie ahead or what things we need to put in motion to create improvements in any areas of our lives.

To set ourselves up for wellness, we need to focus on how we begin. Getting off to the right start makes all the difference, how we begin impacts the success of the journey, and ultimately the outcome. A good start sets up the momentum for continued progress.

How do we do that? Do we plan it all out and have our roadmap ready to implement the things that are needed to be put into motion with a methodical structured approach? Do we let it develop more organically with just some rough ideas about what we want to get done, how we will do it, and go with the flow? Do we arm ourselves with lists and processes? List of things – little things, big things, meaningful things, silly things: reconnecting with friends, more time with family, more reflection time, more exercise, improving our health, traveling more, new job, new relationships, attacking the household to-do list. The possibilities are endless. Do we just identify some broad categories to focus on and see what evolves and take action as the inspiration rises? Both approaches have their merits. There isn’t a one size fits all roadmap, it is more about being purposeful and deliberate about where we aspire to go and what we intend to accomplish.

The beginning of a new year is traditionally all about goal setting, resolutions, and challenging ourselves to do something different. So, how can we satisfy our need to plan and set the course for a successful beginning to the new year? As we embark on new beginnings, whatever they may be, it is a good time to remember and understand that it take time. Therefore, patience and perseverance is required to set the foundation for the rest of the work and set us up for success in the new year.

New year resolutions typically revolve around improvement of our health, finances, career, life circumstances, relationships, financial, educational, breaking bad habits, developing new ones, learning or trying something new. It is a common ritual and tradition that we are all familiar with. Each year at this time, we focus our attention to making resolutions, even though statistically half of all resolution fail. The key is to make the right resolutions, created based on the specifics of what you aim to change; then create a realistic, timebound action plan for yourself to achieve what you have in mind to undertake.

Keep it simple, pick a theme, a word that represents what you want in the future for yourself. Perhaps focus on one key area of improvement. When we have too many things we expect ourselves to accomplish, we can get overwhelmed, discouraged and or distracted. Create opportunities for early wins so you can see some progress and be motivated to stay the course.

Armed with determination and commitment, we have the power to get off to a good start. There are many resources from which to harness the necessary tools required to cross the chasm. To set up life shaping goals, we need to be active participants in our lives, shape up our habits, and do things that nurture and help us to grow.

Beginning of a new year is an excellent chance for us to turn a new leaf and prepare ourselves for a metamorphosis as we have the opportunity to start all over again. A blank page to plan and start fresh, try new things or re-enforce our existing habits.

At Joshua Creek Heritage Arts Centre, our purpose is to educate and inspire future generations as an oasis for those seeking tranquility and a sense of well-being. If your new year’s resolutions involve incorporating new practices that bring you more peace and comfort – check out our programs, come and visit us for a respite from the daily hustles that can distract us. Create, learn and grow with us!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

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