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Fuerat aestu carentem habentia spectent tonitrua mutastis locavit liberioris inistra possedit.

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A Labyrinth Journey: Through Mindful Practice and Art

Experience mindfulness through meditation, a labyrinth walk, and reflective creativity

Saturday, May 28th from 1-4 pm

Come and experience an afternoon of mindful self-reflection and expressive art!

The circular nature of the Labyrinth and Mandala represents our life’s journey, transitions, transformation, and interconnection to all things. Mindfulness allows you to open up to these life moments through awareness and reflection.

This workshop will provide you time to clear the mind and experience creative flow through mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness is about being in the present moment through life’s experiences, and nurturing the mind-body connection to improve overall well-being.

During this experiential three hour workshop you will practice mindfulness through different modalities:  

  • Guided meditations    
  • Walking of the Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre Labyrinth      
  • Connecting with nature
  • The creation of your own mandala (art kit to be provided)
  • Time for self-reflection and group discussion

No prior mindfulness meditation or art experience is necessary to attend this workshop. That is the joy of mindfulness and expressive art see what unfolds and be open to new experiences!


This workshop is intended for individuals who are 18+ years of age.

Since the workshop will be held outside, please wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

Feel free to bring a blanket, towel, or cushion to sit on during the meditation and creative exercise.

Disclaimer: The workshop will take place rain or sunshine. More details will be sent out the week of the workshop.

Price of the workshop: $60



Mireille de Réland is a Mindfulness Facilitator who teaches mindfulness in community and corporate settings. She shares simple mindfulness techniques that can be applied in day-to-day life to help emotional, physical and mental well-being.

Mireille runs virtual weekly and monthly mindfulness sessions in the community. She also provides mindfulness and compassion based programs to support clients with life limiting illnesses and at end-of-life, as well as to family caregivers and seniors. More recently, she has been teaching mindfulness to school age children.

Mireille has experienced the benefits of mindfulness for stress reduction and general well-being in her own life after suffering from professional burn out. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge so that others can also experience the benefits of mindfulness.

Mireille has attained her certificates in Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation,and Mindful Informed End-of-Life Care from the University of Toronto. She has also studied Compassion Cultivation Training, a program from Stanford University. Prior to becoming a Mindfulness Facilitator, Mireille was a Program Executive in the private and public sector for 25 years. 



Ruth Luginbuehl provides mindfulness informed medical
Art Therapy and offers art classes and workshops to all ages in schools, other institutions and in her private studio. She is an active participant in
community work and facilitates meditative labyrinth walks combined with on-site Mandala painting.

Being an artist with a diploma in Creative Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and also being a physician, she founded and still teaches the course of Medical Art Therapy.

She has completed extensive education in Mindfulness
and Mindful Meditation.

Her passion is being in nature mindfully, walking, observing,
and painting. Her outdoor paintings are her way of “coming home”, of gratitude meditation. In her studio, she uses various mixed media techniques integrating recycled materials. She aims to minimize the ecologic footprint in her art making and to sensitize clients to environmental issues. She is a strong
believer that our sense of belonging as well as our wellbeing are connected to the health of our planet. 



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        No mask or proof of vaccination. JCHAC is following the current guidelines by Ontario government

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