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Unleash the power of untold stories

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou

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Creativity is at the heart of resilience; a key component for rebalancing, recalibrating and rebounding. Becoming more resilient enables us to thrive and confidently deal with life vs. being overwhelmed and drained by it. This workshop will help you discover your internal capacity for resilience through the power of words and expressive creative writing, exploring what it takes to be more resilient.

One Session

Saturday April 18th

9:30am – 12:30pm

Located in the house (Studio Room – Lower Level)


Space is limited

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Story telling and artistic creative expression are tools that help to give voice to capture our human experience, literally and visually. By creating a safe space that supports growth through self expression the workshop explores the components of resilience in an environment that is enriching and liberating.

Techniques are shared to help tap into expressive creative writing to fuel and enhance our individual inherent ability to bounce during times of adversity. The session includes self-reflection, hands on expressive writing exercises followed by group feedback and discussion.

- Self-reflection, hands on expressive writing exercises followed by group feedback and discussion
- Creative space for writing

- Tools shared to help you tap into expressive creative writing
- Fuel and enhance individual inherent ability to bounce during times of adversity


This workshop is presented by: Susan Ksiezopolski, an award winning published author, speaker, coach and facilitator. She is the Founder and President of WriteWell, established to support organizations and individuals in creating a path to success and wellness by unleashing the power of creativity. WriteWells mission is to empower others to express themselves and share their stories. As a certified HearthMath® Building

Personal Resilience Coach and a Jack Canfield Certified Success Principles Trainer, Susan incorporates resilience and success principles tools into her workshops. Susan has published two poetry books and “The Writer’s Workbook, Free the Writer Within” a creative writing aid. The focus of Susan’s writing is not solely for telling her own stories and for her own self-expression but to also help others to be inspired to tap into their writing voice to capture their stories. Susan is a member of the Mississauga Arts Council, Canadian Authors Association, The Canadian League of Poets, The Ontario Poets Society, The Mississauga Writer’s Group and a graduate of the Humber School for Writers. She has been featured in Canadian Immigrant magazine and numerous other on-line platforms. Susan is also a Lead Facilitator with the Toronto Writer’s Collective, delivering workshops that “encourage voice and illuminate undiscovered strength in the most vulnerable communities to transform lives”.


WriteWell is a non-profit organization, established to deliver workshops that empower individuals to tap into their untold stories to create and cultivate their ability to be resilient. The inaugural Creative Resilience sessions are designed to inspire increased awareness and consciousness allowing workshop the participants authentic self to shine. Personal coherence techniques are used in the workshop to unleash the power of untold stories.

“By tapping into expressive writing we can claim our power for personal resilience.” – Susan Ksiezopolski, Founder

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