Fantasia – Exhibition


Students & Emerging Artists Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: September 19 – November 19, 2019
Opening Reception: 
Sunday, September 22,  2 pm – 5 pm


Welcome to Fantasia, the land of the unseen.

This exhibition started with an interesting question, what is art? What purpose can it serve other than self expression and what can it do for us? The short answer is, Art is Magic. The long answer is; art is the closest thing to magic in our lives. With a couple of swings from a pencil or a brush; an ethereal, non physical idea that resides in out minds becomes physical and real through an image. Mixing the ingredients for paints, is similar to mixing potions. Making Gesso is similar to brewing something in cauldron. This exhibition asks you to look at art with a different lens, see the paintings as though they are spells themselves using stories as a thread woven together to bring wonder to our lives.

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