Learning to Live: The Course at The Centre

The Course at The Centre

Learning to Live by Listening to The Dying


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 A 7-week life-enriching course

that explores our perceptions,

feelings and beliefs about life and death. 


 Tuesdays 6-9 pm (in the house)

October 8 – November 19

The Course is experiential, utilizing the principles of adult learning. We will be using a diverse array of mediums to help guide you through a journey of self-enfoldment and awareness of life and death.  The goal of The Course is to offer you an opportunity to develop a deeper recognition of what matters most to you, what is to true value, how to live more authentically in alignment with your life’s purpose, and to review your losses as to their impact on your life.

You will have the opportunity — in a safe space — to be more fully self-expressive in your beliefs and ideals of living.



Session 1: Introduction 

Our perceptions of death and dying. What do we feel about the topic of death and dying? What do we perceive is society’s view/messaging about dying? Have we ever thought out death? What does it mean to ‘live in the light of death?’ Is it really that scary if it is the only absolute of life? “Death demands life”, what does that mean?

Session 2: The Art of Communication 

How can we be more effective communicators? What do the dying teach us about listening and speaking? How can we listen with more than our ears? How do we feel in silence with another? How is our mere presence a form of communication?

Session 3: The Dance of Pain, Suffering and Hope

Pain and suffering are often confused as one and the same, but they’re not. How are they different? What are their elements? How does illness express itself through these elements? What disease would we not want to die of, and why?

Session 4: Emotional, Psychological and Psychosocial Elements

We conduct a fantasy journey into our own dying. What surfaces from within ourselves? What do we want if we were ill? What are some of our fears of dying? What are we grateful for in the light of one day taking our last breath? How can we redefine our daily lives with that which we hope for?

Session 5: Personal Culture, Spirituality and Religion

What is our personal culture, and how does it impact our lives? What is Cultural Humility, and how is dying the great common ground where we all meet? How does one’s spiritualty/religion impact how we view life and death? How could it change with an illness?

Session 6: A Journey into Grief and Loss

We’ve all experienced loss, but have we mourned? How do unresolved losses impact our daily lives? Through a journey of an experiential exercise into loss, what do we find most meaningful in our lives? The story of the Kintsugi Bowl.

Session 7: Conclusion, The Weave of Life

Conducted is the building of the weave to demonstrate how our living, dying and loss, and hopes are interwoven. How can dying create a sense of community? A pot-luck is suggested to the group to stage a table of harvesting all that we’ve learned together in the 7 weeks.


Cost: $545 + HST 


To register or for more information please contact Rami 

(647) 949-7264 

[email protected] 




Rami Shami 

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For almost thirty years I’ve had the honour of serving at the bedside of those individuals living their last days. In that time I’ve listened to countless stories of what people find truly meaningful in life, what regrets they may have and what they hoped to pass on to ‘the living’.

In teaching end-of-life care to volunteers, nurses, physicians, managers and caregivers, I’ve brought the lessons from listening to the dying to the classroom in an effort to help support people’s work.

After much encouragement to take the teachings to a broader audience, I developed a course that harvests all the learnings from my humble tenure in end-of-life and presents it in a manner and style that hopes to enrich the general public’s lives.



The honour of serving the dying for almost 30 years has provided Rami with a privileged insight into what people feel is most important about living. Listening to stories, experiences and regrets of hundreds of individuals travelling that most sacred of journeys towards one’s death, has served to enrich Rami’s life beyond measure. His passion for end-of-life care has seen him serve in over a dozen Hospices and palliative care settings, locally and abroad. He has taught end-of-life principles and practices for the past decade to volunteers, nurses, doctors, PSWs, managers and family caregivers. Drawing on his intimate and privileged experiences, Rami has developed a tailored course geared towards the general public because he feels everyone should have the opportunity to self-reflect in a safe environment about that which awaits us all, our death.

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