Saturday, April 6th, 2019

9:30am – 12:30pm

Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre – Gallery

$38 in advance  / $45 cash at the door

Reserve your spot: www.somasoulmotion.com/events 

GuiDANCE is a multidisciplinary movement-art experience. Drawing on the practices of meditative visioning, conscious body movement, sound healing and art, this experience will allow you to connect deeply with yourself. You may access parts of your subconscious and have insights bubble up to your conscious mind. This new enlightenment can be an effective and potent healer, dissolving past issues and blocks quickly, with more ease and less suffering.

Are you READY to face your Divine/Soul Self? This event could be “trippy” and it could push some buttons! Maintaining extended periods of time in the theta brainwave state (meditation), when you aren’t used to it, can definitely make you feel a bit funny. This is because we are predominantly functioning in the active, beta brainwave state of alertness and wakefulness.

What to expect:

  • Meditative Visioning
  • Warm up Dance
  • Art Activity
  • Guided Free Dance
  • Sound Bath
  • Sharing Circle

Zen can be described as ultimate presence in the Now; resting fully in each eternal moment, invested fully with your whole BEing, relishing every noticeable detail… while also practicing non-attachment; allowing shifts and changes to flow with the recurring natural cycles of life.

If you want to evolve and grow personally into more of your Soul’s true fulfilment, you have to MOVE with it, and be willing to BE MOVED. 


Your Guides:


kirstieKirstie Smallman

Certified ChakradanceTM Facilitator, OMstructor, Nia® Practitioner, Ageless Grace Educator®, Montessori Teacher and Art therapy facilitator in-training

Kirstie’s primary focus in life is Joy. How to get more enjoyment out of every moment we exist here, on planet Earth, in this amazing physical body. Her life path from the moment she could walk, has lead her to dance and movement as her primary modality for experiencing and finding more Joy. Dance is her joy catalyst… what’s yours?

Kirstie has come to understand that the deep wisdom of the soul will use the physical body to communicate through sensations; and when we open up to the possibilities this presents, expanding awareness and embracing intuitive guidance, we can often attain deeper personal insight and greater levels of productivity and fulfillment in all life areas. And!! According to brainy scientific and behavioural studies, when a person feels connected, productive and fulfilled, this correlates to feeling happy J So, Kirstie takes courses and trainings designed to lead you back into your body. She embodies the lessons from her own life and integrates the knowledge of cutting edge neuroscience and anatomy all for the purpose of having the most fun here, and wants to share this with you!


Rachelle_HeadshotRachelle Wheatley

Sound Therapy Practitioner

Rachelle Wheatley performs sound baths for individuals and groups to promote wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

A sound bath is a musical performance that is conducive to deep relaxation, tension release, meditation, and journeying into the subconscious mind; to move us from “I feel” to “I understand”.

Rachelle uses her voice along with a variety of instruments that create sweet subtle sounds and mysterious nature-evoking timbres. She draws upon the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine using the Six Qi Gong Healing Sounds, Pythagorean Intervals, and Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment. Her dream is to take this form of wellness program “to the streets” and go from mystical to mainstream in our workplaces, schools, parks, and any public or private gathering. A sound mind, sound body, sound heart, will eventually resonate to create our ideal world.

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