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Learning to Live by Listening to the Dying

Learning to Live by Listening to the Dying

Free Online Introductory Course 

Saturday, March 5th, 2022

9:30am – 11:00am

When we reflect on our own mortality, the inevitable fact that we all die, every one of us, an awareness springs forth in the moment about how we are being, and living, in this present moment. Questions begin to surface, what is the value with which I conduct my daily living? Am I expressing who I truly am and want to be? What brings me joy, freedom, love, happiness, peace, and why am I not moving towards it if one day I will cease to be alive?

A very common fear among the dying is to ‘not be remembered’, or ‘to be forgotten. Every day we are creating our legacy, in fact, every minute of the day. A self-reflective journey, as experienced in The Course, serves to focus our attention on the present in creating the moment we will one day be remembered for. In that, we learn to live more fully, and harvest a more mindful and present way of being.

This seminar offers a self-reflective experience that brings us back to our ‘centres’, to what is meaningful and authentic in the way we live and grow.

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