The Voice of Love: A Seminar of Higher Learning

The Voice of Love:

A Seminar of Higher Learning

Saturday, Oct 27, 2018

6:00pm – 8:00pm in the gallery

Cross and heart reflection

How do we interface with what life presents us? Do we choose our path or does it choose us? What guides our movement through our lives, is it intuition, destiny, a Higher power, or the fundamental emotions of love and fear?

Grounded in Homeopathic philosophy and life lessons bestowed by the dying, this interactive seminar serves to explore these questions in a safe, communal setting.

Join us for an exceptional evening of thought provoking insights, deep sharing and higher learning.

Cost: $20

Please register by contacting Rami at:
[email protected]
(647) 949-7264

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For almost thirty years I’ve had the honour of serving at the bedside of those individuals living their last days. In that time I’ve listened to countless stories of what people find truly meaningful in life, what regrets they may have and what they hoped to pass on to ‘the living’.

In teaching end-of-life care to volunteers, nurses, physicians, managers and caregivers, I’ve brought the lessons from listening to the dying to the classroom in an effort to help support people’s work.

After much encouragement to take the teachings to a broader audience, I developed a course that harvests all the learnings from my humble tenure in end-of-life and presents it in a manner and style that hopes to enrich the general public’s lives.


The honour of serving the dying for almost 30 years has provided Rami with a privileged insight into what people feel is most important about living. Listening to stories, experiences and regrets of hundreds of individuals travelling that most sacred of journeys towards one’s death, has served to enrich Rami’s life beyond measure. His passion for end-of-life care has seen him serve in over a dozen Hospices and palliative care settings, locally and abroad. He has taught end-of-life principles and practices for the past decade to volunteers, nurses, doctors, PSWs, managers and family caregivers. Drawing on his intimate and privileged experiences, Rami has developed a tailored course geared towards the general public because he feels everyone should have the opportunity to self-reflect in a safe environment about that which awaits us all, our death.

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