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Numerology 101


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What is Numerology?


The Pythagorean Method of Numerological Study found it’s beginnings with Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician, born in 570 BC… He found numbers and the alphabet were related as universal vibrations and learned they could tell a story of our intimate meaningful destiny on this Earth.


The vibration of numbers in our universe all have energy vibrations along with archetypal meanings and at one time were connected to Astrology, this knowledge has been lost long ago, though there are still correlations and elements left that are still visible today, when looked for in-depth.


The magic of numerology takes your name and date of birth and reduces them down to single digits. Each digit from 1 to 9, ( including 11, 22, 33 as Master Numbers ), have their own archetypal characteristics.


You can calculate the universe, ages, cycles, or literally almost anything else can be broken down into numbers and beyond, into the higher dimensions of space and  time consciousness, ( as in multidimensionalism )




Sept 27 – Nov 15 from 7pm – 9pm


Benefits of taking this course:
  • You will learn to calculate a in-depth chart, including your birthdate, name and current nicknames.
  • These calculations with their archtypal meanings will help you to understand your own personality, inner, outer, heart selves,  your destiny, your destiny direction, cycles, pinnicles and challenges
  • Also you’ll learn more about your abilities, aptitude for a job, career or destiny direction, using different skills in different areas of life.
  • Learn how you can relate to yourself and others through understanding your subconscious tendencies, inner conflicts, addictions, fears, inhibitions, attitudes, compatibilities through past life template patterns, ( karma )
  • See how your family relationships interact with you, both positively and adversely. How to help your loved ones with problem areas of their inner growth and or become aware of their needs, helping them along in whatever way they may need.
  • Relationship compatibility, suitability of energy vibrations between your significant other or friends and how to harmonize energies by looking honestly at ourselves
Course Outline:



Introduction to Numerology, the number vibrations, their meanings and charateristics and how they are associated with our alphabet, also calculating Your Destiny Number, ( based on your birthday month, day and year )

WEEK 2 & 3

Creating a basic chart using The Major Life Cycles, ( explanation of the three Major Life Cycles ), The Challenges and The Pinnacles, ( addition, subtraction and lowest common denominator mathematics will be used )


The Outer Self – The Present Self, The Inner Self, The Heart Self and Past Life Template Patterns, ( Karmic Lessons ), will be calculated and explored in depth


The Destiny Direction, Personal Year, Universal Year, Personal Month and Days – Universal Months and Days will be calculated and explained


The Subconscious Self, ( two methods ), The Foundation, The Key, The Vocation and The Method of Approach will be delved into


The Ruling Tendency, The Tests, The Levels of Progression from lifetime to lifetime, Past Life Lesson Graduations ( how much have you learned from one life to another – past to present)


Picking a famous figure to work on.. Full chart study – In class


Review with questions and answers about your personal and famous chart findings… Learning about relationships between ourselves and others with Numerology / Compatibilities


  • Please bring a workbook journal, pencils and pens
  • A light snack will be served with refreshments
  • You will receive a certificate at the end of the course

Cost: $30 per person per week 


$200 for the full 9 weeks (savings of $49)

if you reserve by September 25, 2017


Commitment to full 9 weeks is optimum.

Maximum 9 students – register now as space is limited.

Contact:  Nesrin  289 337 8894

Click here for Nesrin’s Facebook page

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About Nesrin: Nesrin is a Wisdom Visionary and a professional ‘all sensory’ Medium / Channel / Numerologist / Lightworker for over 25 years.
She is a born multidimensional ‘clair’, ( to see visions within, to hear the voice within, to sense the emotions and the body empathically from within, including other innate abilities ).  Nesrin was adept at communicating with her own guides from a very early age, connecting through her heart to her own higher self, she easily works with interdimensional beings; such as the Ascended Masters, guides and departed loved ones conduiting their healing messages. Readings are positive and most helpful for the understanding of your past and current journey though life, with in-depth explanations from your own interdimensional guides. Caring and patient, she is able to give clarity on issues pertaining to individuals that are ready to connect to their own higher self. She works with her direct connection to Universal Source in receiving guidance, strengthening the commitment in awakening on your own unique destiny. Her highest purpose has always been to help others attain their most cherished dreams… their soul purpose in life!


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