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Presented by

Marcel Wolfe, G.E. Bio Ed


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TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2017 

7:00 – 8:30pm

Registration 6:30pm

“We are Photocells. Light is the Ultimate biological nutrient.” - Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Learn about “the best device for enhancing the quality of life”

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Marcel Wolfe has worked in the wholistic health field professionally for over 25 years utilizing the full spectrum of wholistic modalities. He is an international frequency lecturer, Global Wholistic Bio Educator, Certified PEMF Consultant, Building Biologist and Zepter Senior Consultant. He has gained a wide range of experience working with various wholistic technologies. He has proven to be a leader in educating and promoting air, water, nutrition, sleep, exercise and various frequency technologies. This included a full spectrum of frequency devices from colour and light therapy, static magnets, tachyon, negative ion generation, multiwave oscillators, Rife generators, PEMF generators, and a number of biofeedback technologies. He continues to always look for

the best of the best in people, technoligies and products and has made many valuable contributions and connections with experts in the field. He is now at the forefront delivering Bioptron Polarized Light & Colour Therapy services to North America.

“Seeing ourselves as light energy beings is one of the most important breakthroughs in our time.” – Marcel Wolfe

Admission is free

Donations to Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre are welcome

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