Harp Circle – Join in & Learn to Play

Harp Circle:

Join in & Learn to Play

harping circle 

Francesca Durham, Rainbow of Sound© & Color My World Series© facilitator, Francesca Durham

Harp Circle:
Friday, June 30th
6:30pm – 8:00pm


Harp circles start with a set of 6 small rainbow harps used in groups. Our goal is to bring people together for creative music making. This workshop is perfect for your mental health AND to destress from the daily grind and relax into the soothing sounds and vibrations you create on your own rainbow harp.

Cost: $40 cash only please

Space is limited so sign up today:

Call: Francesca 416-505-4014

Email: francescadurham@gmail.com

Website: HaltonHarps.ca

Color My World© Program

“The programs are based on the synergistic concept that many individual parts create the whole and therefore, it encourages each person to do their part, no matter how easy or simple it may be to add to the complete harmony.”
~ Christina Tourin


Francesca Durham is a spiritual entrepreneur, coach and mentor. She helps her clients transition through major life crisis opening a pathway for re-discovering their potential. MUSIC and MARI workshops facilitated by Francesca are uniquely created for such self discovery. Each workshop provides an experience to uplift and improve your wellbeing. Francesca’s therapeutic harp practice helps long term health care facilities provide life-enriching experiences to dementia and alzheimer sufferers. In her practice she also serves palliative care and hospice, those suffering with chronic pain, MS, Cancer and Strokes. She is a certified therapeutic harp practitioner and clinical musician and enjoys balancing her day to day activities. Francesca worked her way into creating a new life for herself after facing many sudden and abrupt changes. The experiences have taught her to embrace each new day with Hope & Inspiration, Grace & Compassion. By shifting beliefs, setting new goals, finding a new life purpose and path creating new habits and raising her standards – a bit overwhelming maybe – change is the only constant gift from life offering many rewards and endless possibilities. Francesca has published two books is a certified Colour Life Coach, Colortime® Image Consultant and when not blogging or writing she enjoys spoiling her 4lb Yorkie with lots of play time and nature walks. You can reach Francesca through her websites 




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